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Our Products

The company employs the use of timely, innovative and environmentally sound vermin prevention and control products and the application of Integrated Pest Management techniques to achieve a pest free ennvironment, while taking into consideration the impact to the environment.

Olyset Net

Olyset Net is a unique Long-Lasting Insecticidal Net (LLIN) containing permethrin. The product uses extra strong netting incorporating unique slow release insecticide technology to produce a long-lasting net for guaranteed insecticidal performance for at least 5 years.

Active Ingredient: 2% Permethrin

Colors: Blue, White, Green

Product Specifications:

  • Single (70cm x 180cm x 150cm)
  • Double (100cm x 180cm x 150cm)
  • Family (160cm x 180cm x 150cm)
  • Large Family (160cm x 180cm x 150cm)
  • Extra Family (190cm x 180cm x 150cm)
  • Roll (1.5m x 25m)
  • Curtain (1.5 m x 2.5m)

Sumilarv 0.5G

Sumilarv is an innovative larval control agent based on the insect growth regulator Pyriproxyfen. It inhibits the adult emergence of mosquitoes. Sumilarv exhibits high and long-lasting efficacy at very low dosage with less hazard to the environment.

Active Ingredient: 0.5% Pyriproxyfen

Product Specifications:

  • 5gms Non-Tear Sachets


Gokilaht-S is a versatile emulsifiable concentrate used for professional pest control use. It has remarkable lethal activity with appropriate residual activity and quick knockdown effect against flying and crawling insects.

Active Ingredient: 5% d,d-trans-Cyphenothrin

Product Specifications:

  • 1 Liter
  • 4 Liters
  • 20 Liters

Pesguard F6161

Pesguard FG161 is a pesticide formulation developed to control pest of public health importance. Pesguard FG161 is composed of two pyrethroid insecticides, Gokilaht as an excellent killing agent and Neo-Pynamin Forte as a super knockdown agent. Pesguard is suitable for application by thermal and cold (ULV) foggers, power sprayers and knapsack sprayers.

Active ingredient: 4% Neo-Pynamin Forte and 12% Gokilaht

Product Specifications:

  • 1 Liter

Bistar 10WP

Bistar 10WP is a new tool in the fight against vector mosquitoes. It is a wettable powder insecticide based on the active ingredient bifenthrin.

Active Ingredient: 10% Bifenthrin

Product Specifications:

  • 100 gms

Vectron 10EW

Vectron 10EW is an Insecticide used to control crawling and flying insects. With very low mammalian toxicity, Vectron EW is an effective formulation for the control of vector mosquitoes indoor.

Active Ingredient: 10% Etofenprox

Product Specifications:

  • 20 ml

Victor 20WP

Victor 20WP is an insecticide designed specifically for malaria vector control. It exhibits excellent persistence on wall surfaces and net fibers to provide contact action against mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects.

Active Ingredient: 20%

Product Specifications:

  • 50 gms

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