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Company Profile

Irvine True and Frank Carson Philippines, Inc. (ITFC)

(innovative and expert solutions for a sustainable environment)

Established in 2010, ITFC Philippines Inc. has been in the forefront of providing service and programs to better protect homes as well as commercial and industrial infrastructure from termite infestation and common household pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches and houseflies.

And because we are a company that strives to protect and uphold the welfare of the general public, ITFC also engages in the marketing and distribution of highly ethical products for the control of vector-borne diseases.

While the demand in the business environment continue — We, at ITFC, remain steadfast to our commitment of providing products that boast of Innovation, Expertise and Sustainability.

Our Organization

SEC Registration Number: CS2010 19666

BIR Registration Number: 007-935-250

ITFC is a 100% Filipino company manned by experts with utmost knowledge and experience in environmental health and vector-control industry.

Aside from our respectable products, ITFC owe its growth and success to its deeply committed staff, who at all times, vow to deliver topnotch service to our valued client.

Environmental Health and Vector Control

The company employs the use of timely, innovative and environmentally sound vermin prevention and control products and the application of Integrated Pest Management techniques to achieve a pest free ennvironment, while taking into consideration the impact to the environment.

Industry Partners

Sumitomo Chemical Philippines Inc. is a subsidiary company of Sumitomo Chemical Asia. As a company, SCPI is engaged in the marketing of agrochemicals and household insecticides manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical Company.

SCPI is committed to working closely with the customers to meet their needs as their most reliable business partner by providing high quality products and technical services to its industry partners.

Message From The President

“If we entertain fear in the marketplace and stop being CREATIVE… we are putting boundaries to what our mind can comprehend and we insult no less than our own self…. and that leads us to OBLIVION.”

Albert V. Evangelista

President and COO

ITFC Philippines, Inc.

Innovative and Expert Solutions for a Sustainable Environment.